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  • Hartford Hot Several visits New York

    Back in 2015, the Hartford Hot Several were invited by our bandleader Josh Michtom to performing in New York.

  • Making Christmastime

    One of the things I enjoy doing is volunteering in my community. Middletown, Connecticut has a vibrant population. A cool thing about Middletown is the community involvement. For example, We have a community run blog called The Middletown Eye. It’s all run by volunteers like me in an effort to get news and local info […]

  • The Diversion Radio show 002

    The Diversion Radio show is live every Monday at 12:30AM to 1:30AM. Check out this video from the radio show. This episode features  Matt and Topher in their quest to help Puppet Wolfgang needs to find a job. Also, The Comedy of Flip Wilson and George Carlin.   Remember to check out our live October 5th […]

  • Interview on River Valley Rhythms

    The Diversion was featured as a last minute guest on River Valley Rhythms this week. Host Stephan Allison was very gracious. He asked about the Radio show and the October 5th comedy show. Follow this link to listen to the interview.  

  • The Diversion Radio show 001

    The Diversion Radio show is live every Monday at 12:30AM to 1:30AM. This episode features Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, radio puppets, a call from Tony in paving, Myron Coen, Henny Youngman, Matt Leonard’s knowledge of the past and your humble host Topher. Click below to listen on SoundCloud website!