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  • Podcast Test

    Podcast Page Test Two

  • Creating a Scenius

    I’m tossing down a few notes for my friend Andrew Watt. On his recent blog post, he laments the ‘death of the web’ by the lack of adding links to posts. I began writing this as a comment on his blog, but realized this post could be meta by writing and link to my article […]

  • Portland to Portlandia

    It’s very exciting to travel from Middletown/Portland Connecticut to be part of xoxofest in Portland, Oregon. I wrote a list of things I’m hoping to experience, and here are my predictions: Meet a lot of nice people. Connect with old friends. Discover new old friends Listen, learn and share Portland has been very welcoming and all […]

  • Hartford Hot Several visits New York

    Back in 2015, the Hartford Hot Several were invited by our bandleader Josh Michtom to performing in New York.

  • Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge?

    I learned that my life is lived away from the computer. Attempting to schedule writing time was like riding a carousel, constantly passing the brass ring. Solitarily staring a hunk of metal and glass, seeking validation from how many likes the posts receive, was not how I was living when I had other things to […]

  • Nothing lasts forever. Forever nothing lasts…

    Here’s my advice for getting unstuck: “Nothing Lasts forever, forever nothing lasts.” Whatever state you’re in – writer’s block, traffic, etc, it can’t continue. SO, the trick is to divert our attention, moment to moment. When I learned how to bike up hill, my brother taught me to zig-zag, so, as I went up the […]

  • Some things don’t fit on the internet

    I don’t teach with words. Sure, I talk to covey meaning but that’s not what I teach. I teach connection. I endeavor to be aware, spark passion and awareness in myself and others. You give me dots, I’ll connect them. Give me a suggestion, I’ll incorporate it. People, places and things? I’ll find a way […]

  • Let’s curate curiosity

    Photo of handmade pencil case by Andrew Watt. My friend Andrew Watt teaches a design thinking course for middle schoolers in New England. Last year, he taught the students the skills of sewing. Andrew’s students built upon their skills. First, tying knots, then to knitting and basic hand sewing and finally using sewing machines.(Read the full […]

  • Cat Toy or Tree Ornament?

    Our cats think all these things are all toys. They bat at the shiny glass balls that have been in her family for generations. This got myself thinking about what’s important to me. I think awareness and literacy are most valuable. One needs to be present to witness details that are significant and be able […]

  • This Might Not Work

    I am taking on the Your Turn Challenge to create community. It is challenging to live as an artist, working on your project, knowing ‘this might not work’. It’s lonely in our world of typing on a pieces of plastic, metal and glass. I am here to connect and contribute to a scenius of people […]